Find Cashew Cheesy Sauce at Whole Foods Stores in the Midwest

Find Cashew Cheesy Sauce at Whole Foods Stores in the Midwest

Core and Rind is excited to announce the launch of their Midwest expansion into 52 Whole Foods Market locations starting in July. The brand recently went through a package redesign is going to be rolling out their new look alongside the new placements.

Founded by culinary nutrition experts and friends, Candi and Rita yearned for a non-dairy option that would satisfy their cheesy cravings but like many struggled to find a tasty alternative. After years of development and over 150 variations the two finally landed on the perfect recipe known to cheesy aficionados as Core and Rind Cashew Cheesy Sauce.

Each jar is a savory blend of creamy and dairy free Cashew Cheesy goodness and is currently available in three flavors: Sharp & Tangy, Bold & Spicy and Rich & Smoky. Made from whole, real and plant-based ingredients, which you can pronounce, Core and Rind leaves little to be unknown, but lots to indulge on.

The versatile product can create a myriad of recipes like the founders’ favorites, creamy macaroni & cheese, smothered veggies or gooey nachos to name a few.

“Even from our humble beginnings at our local St. Louis farmers’ market we've had a vision for our products to be on shelves nationwide. We're so excited that Whole Foods believes in our brand and mission. We can't wait to get our deliciously cheesy sauces into more hands!”

The duo is eagerly working behind the scenes on a new (not yet on the shelves release) Cashew Creamy white sauce. This non-dairy white sauce is a velvety fettuccine alfredo alternative perfect for a creamy chip, veggie dip or the perfect base for a decadent white pizza. Like all of their other sauces, Cashew Creamy Sauce is dairy free, gluten free and delicious without any chemical additives or preservatives.

All of Core and Rind sauces are clean label, paleo, vegan and keto friendly.

About Core and Rind:

Founded by Culinary Nutrition Experts Candi and Rita who spent years developing their Cashew Cheesy Sauce collection in hopes to make your journey to health easier and tastier.  Core and Rind believes that health begins with one small and delicious change in the kitchen. Let us nourish you from the Core to the Rind.


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